Student Life

Students at the Campus are trained to follow an ideal way of life which is congenial to the blossoming of their personality to its fullest.

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    The early bright

    The ringing of bells at the crack of dawn jerks the children up from their beds. There is none like children who can welcome the day in the most expectant and excited manner! It is the Suprabhatham time.

    The primeval sound of Omkar (Aum) emanating from the navel, traversing through the vocal chords and ending with the lips, is the source of all creation. The regular chanting of Omkar purifies the environment, creates positive energy, increases immunity, improves concentration, gives clarity and rationality, stabilises the emotions and leads to higher states of bliss. Children chant the Omkar 21 times followed by holy hymns in praise of the Lord.

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    Physical fitness

    Be ready to stretch your body and strengthen your muscles. It is Yoga time! Trained Yoga teachers in the Campus guide the students to get into the various postures ensuring that the curvature of their bodies is at the correct angles. Practicing Yoga in the morning catalyses the metabolism, activates the internal glands, regulates sleep, balances the hormones and detoxifies the body.

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    Activities activates

    With a rejuvenated body, clear mind and relaxed spirit the children embark on to the activities of the day. The morning prayers begin at 8.45 a.m. and it is time for learning and exploration. The classes begin!

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    Academic exploration

    At any of the Sri Sathya Sai Institutions, the teacher educates the children with the only intention to make learning a joy, and the students are ever ready to plunge themselves into the vastness of the know-how. The interest quotient of the students is kept high throughout. Interval breaks are well timed for the kids to unwind and cool off.

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    Evening extravaganza

    The classes end at 4 p.m. and it is time for games! New games are taught to the children by the Physical Education teacher and the senior students are trained for competing in tournaments. The playground turns into the amusement park of these kids. Loud cheers, noisy giggles, peals of laughter, bruised knees and dirtied clothes – We just let them be!

    This is also the time for the students to discover their interests in arts. Music, dance, arts and crafts are taught by specialised teachers.

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    Twilight Quiet time

    The clock ticks 5.45 p.m. It is prayer time! The dusk alights itself on the horizons and leaves behind a sense of introversion. The children collect their minds together and sit for prayers. The loud singing of the names of God along with instrumental beats is a session that the children look forward to. After the singing and a brief meditation session, the students disperse silently.

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    Study to get steady

    The evening prayers prepares them for studies. It is study time!

    Students sit individually or in groups to study and understand for themselves the lessons taught in the classes. Teachers are available with them to clarify their doubts and help them.

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    Sleep like a baby

    A well-spent day deserves good rest at the end of the day. It is bed time! Eyelids droop and thoughts fade. Needless to say, the students are drifted off into a zone of stillness and deep rest.

The routine follows but no monotony is felt. The right mix of all the required facets of values-based integral education is given here.