Staff Life

Teachers are the role models of the Institution. They are a unique band of instructors who have joined with a commitment to bestow the highest goal of education – the education of the soul. A united cause springing from their source, and not by force!

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    The Gurukula system of education where teachers and students lived together, learned together and worked together was the secret key to the discovery of inner wisdom during ancient times. The teachers are of that moral timbre capable of opening the valve of true wisdom in students.

    Transition from being a teacher to becoming a guru!

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    A teacher-student relationship in this kind of a system gains depth in understanding, affection in feelings and respect in thoughts. Teachers are the constant and comfortable companions of the students. From dawn to dusk, they ensure to sculpt the students carefully through love and play. They allow them to err, reprimand them in a loving way for repeated mistakes, embrace them for emotional support, accept them for what they are, value them for their uniqueness, tap their hidden talents, and strengthen them at their despair.

    A relationship beyond the classrooms!

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    Not to forget, during this process the teachers unlearn and learn along with the students. They relive their childhood and probably gets a chance to live it completely like never before.

    A resurrection of lost childhood!

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    The students coming from rural backgrounds, are trained by the teachers not only in academics but on every aspect of life. Hygiene, health, academics, extra-curricular activities and spirituality – all of these are holistically administered to the students.

    A sculptor of students!

Transforming students through self-transformation is the purpose of all staff members!