Mr Puttaraja K

Assistant Teacher (M.Sc., B.Ed.)

Teaching is Mr Puttaraja’s passion – the oxygen of his soul. He has joined the Campus beginning this academic year 2018. Pure mathematics is his romance and is fond of creating the same infatuation in the minds of the students as well.


Mr Manohar G R

Assistant Teacher (M.Sc, B.Ed.)

Science and spirituality, Mathematics and morals dovetails into a medley of logic and beyond logic concepts for Mr Manohar. The regalement of passing it on in fractions to the students is his fascination.


Mr Lingaraja Y B

Assistant Teacher (B.A., B.Ed.)

Mr Lingaraja was appointed as Hindi teacher in the Campus from the commencement of academic year 2017. Taking a step towards God is his reason for choosing the Institution!


Mr Adarsha H V

Assistant Teacher (B.A., B.Ed.)

Mr Adarsha adores children and plays the child in him during his precious time with the students, not allowing a moment to slip. He loves the occasional bouts of fun and frolic with students in the hostel and accounts himself responsible for several hostel chores. He teaches Kannada and Social Science for the students.

Mr Shivaraju

Assistant Teacher (M.A., B.P.Ed.)

Mr Shivaraju’s faculty of Physical education ensures good health to students. He also instructs the students in matters of cleanliness and discipline.

Mr Krishna S

Accounts Manager (B.Com., PGDBC)

Mr Krishna maintains the accounts, purchase order and related financial activities of the Campus.


Mr Niranjana M

Assistant Teacher (M.A., B.Ed.)

Mr Niranjana teaches the nuances of Kannada and the practical applications of Social Science. In his own words, he says, “Teaching simply makes me tick!”


Mr Vinoda K R

Assistant Teacher (M.A., B.Ed.)

A popular saying goes, ‘Teacher who loves teaching teach children to love learning’. Vinoda is one such teacher in the Campus who helps children delve into Social Science and enjoy the sweetness of Kannada language.